Hey Guys Today I will discuss the most exciting topic, how to earn money online using the free link shortener website. You can earn money by shortening your long URL in small links. This is the best and easiest way to make some extra cash using your website, YouTube channel or social accounts.
You can earn up to 14$ (in US) and 4$ (in India), which is great for Bloggers and YouTubers.

Many bloggers are using goo.gl or bit.ly to make long links short in small links, this is good, but you will not get any benefit from those links. But today we are talking about the best URL shortener sites that pay you 4$ more over 1000 views; All you have to do is short the link and make money without doing anything.


Oyelink is a new URL shorting Website. Oyelink pays you more than 14$ on 1000 Views. You can earn upto 32$ if you have Canada Traffic, you can check Payout Rates. If you have these countries traffic you can earn upto 100-200$ in a day using Oyelink.

This is the best URL shortener website because you can create custom links like bit.ly, goo.gl. You can shrink up to 25 links at a time. It also offers you complete site scripts which you can only shorten the link you want to short.

Like, If you have tons of links on your Website like drive.google.com, Mediashare, etc. you can choose these domains on that advance full site script then the script converts only that links, not whole site pages.

Oyelink gives you 20% Referral Commission for Lifetime so refer some active publisher then no need to do anything relax your publisher makes money for you.

Oyelink gives you virtual wallet, You can use this wallet to promote your site link or YouTube channel through Oyelink banner, popup, interstitial ads. If you earn 5$ by sharing a short link, and you do not want to payout them, then you can create a campaign for that 5$, this is an excellent feature that is also not available on other URL shortener websites. .

Oyelink has a dedicated support team who is always ready to help you. This is the Fastest Growing short link website with 1000+ Publishers.

  • Payment Method : Paypal, Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout : 3$ (Through Paypal)
  • Referral Earning : 20% Commission on Referrals for Lifetime
  • Alexa Rank (Global) : Under 50k
  • Payout Rate (India) : Upto 4$
  • Popup Ads : No

Features of Oyelink

  • Instant Support within 4-5 Hours
  • Mass URL Shortner Upto 25 Links
  • Custom links like bit.ly
  • Everyday Payout Facility
  • Full Page Script using API
  • Multi Domain Support
  • Highest Payout Rates

Comparison with Other URL Shorteners

Features OyeLink.in Shorte.st Clicksfly
Payout Rate (India) 4$ 1.59$ 4$
Pop-up Ads No Yes Yes
Payment Frequency Daily Monthly Weakly/Monthly
Payment Method Paytm, UPI, Paypal, Bank Transfer Paypal, Payoneer Paytm, Paypal, Payoneer
Mass Link Support Yes Yes Yes
Referral Commission 20% 20% 20%
Advance API Support Yes Advance Yes but Not Advance Yes But Not Advance
Multi Domain Support Yes Yes Yes
Points 9/10 4/10 6/10


Oyelink has more features either than other sites. We have many withdrawal options like PayPal, UPI, Paytm, Bank Transfer etc. so anyone can join and earn money. We pay every day, so when you earn 3$, you can ask for the withdrawal.

You Can Join Oyelink and Start Earning Money